3.1 Logging In to Novell Remote Manager

  1. Open a Web browser and type http://Server_IP_address:8008 in the Address field.

    A security alert message displays.

  2. Click Yes to proceed.

    The Novell Remote Manager login screen displays.

  3. Enter the administrator username and password in the login screen to log in to the Novell Remote Manager utility.

3.1.1 Using the TCP/IP Configuration Utility

While using the TCP/IP Configuration utility in Novell Remote Manager, keep the following considerations in mind for all transactions.

  • Click Start TCP/IP Configuration and navigate through the screens. This marks the beginning of a transaction.

  • Click Exit TCP/IP Configuration to end the transaction.

    HINT:When you click Exit, the snap-in is available for other users. You can also now load INETCFG on the server.

  • When you finish making changes to any one of the inner screens, you are prompted to return to the TCP/IP Configuration Menu window.

  • If you click Cancel in any window, the changes made to that window are ignored and you are prompted to return to the previous window.

  • While you are in a transaction, do not close the browser window, click any other link in the left pane, or submit requests from previous pages in the browser's history.

  • Take a maximum of 10 minutes to make the changes on a window. Otherwise, the entire transaction becomes invalid. You can modify this period by changing the set parameter NIRMan Transaction Time-out Period.