3.9 Managing Configurations

  1. Click the Manage Configuration link in the TCP/IP Configuration Menu window to display the Manage Configuration Menu window.

    Figure 3-9 Manage Configuration Menu Window

    The Manage TCP/IP Configuration window helps you to manage your existing server configurations.

    The following options are available in this window:

    • Configure SNMP Parameters: Lets you enter parameters for snmp.nlm.

    • Export Configuration: Lets you export the existing server configuration files to a specified location on the NetWare server.

    • Import Configuration: Lets you import a configuration file and merge it with the existing configuration files.

    • Configure Remote Console Access: Lets you set the username and password for remotely accessing the server.

    • Edit AUTOEXEC.NCF: Lets you edit and save the autoexec.ncf file.

  2. After you finish changing the settings, click Save to save the settings and exit the window.