INETCFG(inetcfg.nlm) is an Internetworking Configuration utility for the NetWare server. inetcfg.nlm It is a server console utility that provides menus for configuring LAN boards, protocols, and bindings. In NetWare 6.5, INETCFG supports the configuration of NIC teaming solutions provided by third-party drivers such as Compaq* and Dell*.

Teaming is logically grouping the NICs so that they appear to the operating system as just one network interface. The benefits include gaining extra network bandwidth and not needing to deal with multiple NIC addresses. Instead, you can assign a single “virtual” IP address to a team of adapters. Teaming is effective in cases where you install two or more NICs in a server.

Most teaming solutions come with failover protection. Teaming allows your network to tolerate the failure of one or more adapters within a group, thus offering high availability. In addition, this kind of fault tolerance can be configured to work with complete transparency. The remaining NICs in the team continue to work if another card stops working or if a cable is disconnected.