6.2 Using the TCPCON Utility

TCPCON is an NLM utility that provides access to statistics and information about the status of various components of the TCP/IP protocol suite. TCPCON uses SNMP to access this information from any local or remote system on the network. TCPCON operates over TCP/IP and IPX™ networks.

To launch TCPCON, enter LOAD TCPCON at the system console prompt.

To monitor a remote system in TCPCON, select SNMP Access Configuration, change the Transport Protocol option to TCP/IP and set the Host option to the IP address of the remote host you want to monitor. Press Esc to exit and save the options. If details from that remote host are displayed, there is a bidirectional route available.

You can use TCPCON to perform the following tasks:

HINT:TCPCON requires SNMP to be loaded on the remote host; otherwise, you receive an error message that the host is unavailable. Another cause of the Host Unavailable message might be a routing error. To check for errors in the routing table, accept the default value of in the Host option under SNMP Access Configuration. Select Routing Table to view the routing information table that the routing software has received from routing protocols (RIP and OSPF) or static routes. Compare this to the address topology of the network.