5.11 BOOTP Forwarding

BOOTP is a protocol that enables end nodes to receive their IP addresses from a BOOTP server at startup time. If your internetwork has a BOOTP or DHCP server, you can configure your IP router to accept and forward BOOTP or DHCP requests to that server.

You can configure BOOTP forwarding by using INETCFG.

  1. Load INETCFG, then select Protocols > TCP/IP > Expert Configuration Options > BootP Forwarding Configuration.

  2. Select BootP Server List, then press Insert.

  3. Enter the IP address of the BOOTP or DHCP server at the prompt, or press Insert to display a list of symbolic hostnames and addresses from the sys:\etc\hosts file.

    The server address appears in the BOOTP Servers screen.

  4. Press Esc.

  5. Select BootP Packet Forwarding > Enabled.

  6. If you want to record the activity of the BOOTP forwarder, select Log Operation and then select one of the following options:

    • Log to BootP Screen: Logs BOOTP activity to the BOOTP screen. This is a separate screen that you can select and monitor from the NetWare console. The information logged to this screen is not saved to a file.

    • Log to File: Logs BOOTP activity to the sys:\etc\bootp.log file by default. To use a different file, type its full path name in the Log File field.

  7. (Conditional) If you do not want to record the activity of the BOOTP forwarder, select Do Not Log.

  8. Press Esc until you are prompted to save your changes, then select Yes.

  9. Press Esc to return to the Internetworking Configuration menu.

  10. If you want these changes to take effect immediately, select Reinitialize System > Yes.