5.4 Managing Server Processes

In NetWare 6.5, the following changes were made in the way that the server processes work:

These changes enable you to configure the Maximum Service Processes to a higher level without worrying that memory will be wasted by unused server processes.

A good rule is to have your Maximum Service Processes set to a server process for each remote client that will be logged in to the server.

You can configure Maximum and Minimum Service Processes in Novell Remote Manager. On the Set Parameters page, click Miscellaneous, then click either Maximum Service Processes or Minimum Service Processes.

You can see if you are near the configured maximum for either pool in Monitor, which now reports both the current MP server processes and legacy UP server processes.

To see if you are having packet receive buffer problems:

If you are running out of packet receive buffers, you might not have enough of them or you might need more server processes. First, increase the number of packet receive buffers. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, increase the number of server processes.

Packet receive buffers are usually 4 KB in size and each server process requires slightly more than 32 KB of memory.