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OES 1 SP2 Documentation

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Novell Open Enterprise Server is a secure, highly available suite of services that provides proven networking, communication, collaboration and application services in an open, easy-to-deploy environment.

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Archive Services (Admin) platforms view size mm/dd/yyyy
Archive Log, Viewing N html  
File Restoration in NetStorage N html  
File Version Utility, Installing and Using N html  
Installing and Configuring N html  
Jobs, Configuring N html  
Jobs, Managing N html  
Managing N html  
Planning N html  
Prerequisites and Guidelines N html  
Synchronizing Files (SLES 9) L html  
Understanding N html  
Upgrading N html  
Archive Services (End User) platforms view size mm/dd/yyyy
File Restoration in NetStorage L M & W Clients html  
File Version Utility, Installing and Using Client html  
Understanding L M & W Clients html  
SBCON (SMS Backup Engine) platforms view size mm/dd/yyyy
Backing Up Data N html  
Installed with SMS. N  
Managing N html  
Preparing to Use N html  
Restoring Data N html  
Troubleshooting N html  
Understanding N html  
SMS platforms view size mm/dd/yyyy
Backing Up Data L & N html  
Installing and Configuring L & N html  
Moving Data Across OES Netware and OES Linux L & N html  
Optimizing L & N html  
Restoring Data L & N html  
Troubleshooting L & N html  
Understanding L & N html  
SMS man Pages platforms view size mm/dd/yyyy
nbackup L html  
smdrd L html  
smdrd.conf L html  
sms L html  
smsconfig L html  
tsafs L html  
tsafs.conf L html  

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