4.1 Migrating Resources

You can migrate resources to different servers in your cluster without waiting for a failure to occur. You might want to migrate resources to lessen the load on a specific server, to free up a server so it can be brought down for scheduled maintenance, or to increase the performance of the resource or application by putting it on a faster machine.

Migrating resources lets you balance the load and evenly distribute applications among the servers in your cluster.

  1. In the left column of the main iManager page, locate Clusters, then click the Cluster Manager link.

  2. Enter the cluster name or browse and select it, then check the box next to the resource you want to migrate and click Migrate.

    A page appears, displaying a list of possible servers that you can migrate this resource to.

  3. Select a server from the list to migrate the resource to, then click OK to migrate the resource to the selected server.

If you select a resource and click Offline, the resource will be unloaded from the server. It will not load on any other servers in the cluster and will remain unloaded until you load it again. This option is useful for editing resources because resources can't be edited while loaded or running on a server.