6.2 Creating a Shared Disk Partition for Printing

After you have installed, set up, and configured Novell Cluster Services, you can begin configuring services to run on a cluster. The first task is to create a shared disk partition for printing. While you can use Novell iManager, NSSMU, or Novell Remote Manager to create the shared disk partition, the steps below use the Novell Remote Manager method. For information on using Novell iManager or NSSMU, see "Setting Up Novell Cluster Services" in the Novell Cluster Services Administration Guide for NetWare.

  1. In Novell Remote Manager, click Partitions under the Clustering heading.

    A screen appears displaying a list of devices that are currently accessible to servers in the cluster. For each device, the list displays the partitions, NSS pools, volumes, and free space on that device.

  2. Locate the drive that corresponds to your shared storage system and click Create on the free space where you want to create the partition for print.

  3. Click Create a New Pool and Volume.

  4. Enter the following information, and then click Create.

    Pool Size: Enter the size in megabytes you want for your print services. While a 2,000 MB size should be sufficient for an average print system of 300 - 500 printer agents with moderate printing, the size is dependent on the number of printers and the printing load.

    Pool Name: Enter a name for the pool. Because only one pool exists in each partition, the pool size you specify will be the size of the partition that gets created. The volume that is created will be allowed to grow to the pool size.

    Volume Name: Enter a volume name. The volume name can be the same as the pool name.

    Volume Attributes: Select the volume attributes you want enabled. Print does not require any specific attributes.

    Cluster Enable Pool: Ensure this is selected.

  5. On the Cluster Pool Enabling Information page, accept the default settings, enter the Pool IP Address, and click Create.

    The Pool IP Address is the address of the pool for printing that you are creating.

    After clicking Create, the Cluster Status is displayed and the newly created print volume is shown.