3.8 Configuring Novell Cluster Services

After you have installed OES, you can begin configuring Novell Cluster Services on all nodes of the cluster.

  1. In Yast go to System, and select Cluster Services (NCS).

    Only click once as this might take a moment to initialize.

  2. Follow the prompts to configure the service and create an NCS Cluster object.

    Novell Cluster Services Configuration in YAST

    To create the object you need an IP address for the cluster resource and the device path for the SBD partition that was defined when you configured the shared disk array. If you cannot see the shared device for the SBD partition (the sda or sdb partion created earlier), repeat the steps in Section 3.7, Use Cfdisk to Prepare the Partition.

    You can look in /dev/disk/by-id/ for this information

    When configuring subsequent nodes, choose Existing Cluster.

  3. Click Next

  4. Choose the IP Address for the cluster, and then next.

    The cluster object is created and started.

NOTE:The Admin user must be a LUM enabled user in order to manage Clustering and NSS from iManager. In some post installs of Clustering and NSS, the Admin user might not be automatically LUM enabled, and you might be required to manually LUM enable the Admin user.