3.4 Configuring a Shared Disk

After you have installed Novell Cluster Services, you can begin configuring the shared storage device for the cluster as specified by the shared storage device's documentation.

If YAST appears with a new disk found message during the configuration of a iSCSI or a Storage Area Network (SAN), close the dialog. You do not want to create a file system at this point.

WARNING:iPrint is not supported on NSS Pools. You must choose a native Linux file system such as Reiser or EXT3.

SAN: Is a high-speed subnetwork of shared storage devices used for storing data.

For information on configuring a SAN, consult the SAN vendor's documentation.

iSCSI: Uses SCSI block storage protocols networked over a high-speed TCP/IP network to create a low-cost Storage Area Network (SAN) using commodity high-speed Ethernet hardware.