3.15 Troubleshooting iPrint in a Cluster

Use the following sections to troubleshoot common issues when clustering iPrint:

3.15.1 Error Code 506D0203

If you receive error 506D0203 and the Print Manager fails to load, ensure you are loading print on a native Linux file system such as ext3. iPrint cannot run on an NSS file system

3.15.2 Resource Goes Comatose on Failover

If a resource goes comatose after a failover, check the nodes in the cluster to see if the shared disk for iPrint is already mounted. If it is mounted, manually unmount the volume using the following command:

umount iPrint_mount_point

If a message you see a “File system is in use” error, then a user has a terminal open to that file system. You need to have the user, usually an administrator, exit the file system, and then unmount the file system before the cluster resource can come online.

3.15.3 iPrint Web Pages Are Displayed on One Node Only

Ensure the Print Manager is using the secondary IP address for the iPrint resources in /etc/opt/novell/iprint/ipsmd.conf. If the Print Manager was created using the node IP address, then iPrint works only on that node.