4.6 Loading the DNS Server

After you have created and set up a DNS server object and DNS Zone objects, specify the following command at the NetWare system console:

load named

On a Linux system, the command to do the same is /etc/init.d/named start

After named.nlm is loaded, the DNS server can respond to queries. After creating the DNS server object, you can edit the autoexec.ncf file to uncomment the named.nlm load statement. This will enable you to avoid the manual loading of the named every time you restart NetWare. For detailed information about named.nlm command line options, see Section 4.7, NAMED Command Line Options.

After named.nlm is loaded, you can use the management utilities to start and stop the DNS server. For information on starting and stopping the DNS server, see Starting or Stopping a DNS Server or Starting or Stopping a DNS Server.