31.5 Configuring and Administering Time Synchronization

As your network changes, you will probably need to adjust the time synchronization settings on your servers.

31.5.1 Changing Time Synchronization Settings on a SLES 9 Server

This method works both in the GUI and at the shell prompt and is the most reliable method for ensuring a successful NTP implementation.

  1. Launch YaST on your SLES 9 server by either navigating to the application on the desktop or typing yast at the shell prompt.

  2. Click (or select using the tab and arrow keys) Network Services > NTP Client.

  3. In the NTP Client Configuration dialog box, click Complex Configuration.

  4. Modify the NTP time settings as your needs require.

31.5.2 Changing Time Synchronization Settings on a NetWare Server

Time synchronization settings and their modification possibilities are documented in the following administration guides: