1.2 Major Enhancements in the Support Packs

The following sections outline the major enhancements in each support pack.

1.2.1 NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 6

NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 6 has replaced the Support Pack 5 in the OES Support Pack 2 product.

The following are added to previous NetWare 6.5 enhancements starting with SP6.

Novell Audit 2.0.2 Free Update Available

We recommend that you download and install Novell Audit 2.0.2 Starter Pack from the Novell Download Web site.

Although updates to Novell Audit 1.0 x are included in SP6, Novell Audit 1.0 is no longer supported and has been removed from the installation options starting with the release of NetWare 6.5 SP6.

iManager 2.6

If iManager 2.5 is installed on your NetWare server, and you apply NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 6, iManager and its associated plug-ins are automatically updated to version 2.6. For more information about iManager 2.6, see the iManager 2.6 Documentation.

If you are using iManager 2.02, imanager is not upgraded.

Support for Server Hardware with No PS/2 Keyboard Port

Support for keyboard polling is added in NetWare 6.5 SP6 to accommodate new machines that lack a PS/2 keyboard port. NetWare can now be installed and run before the USB keyboard drivers are loaded.

Daylight Saving Changes

Starting in 2007, many time zones in the United States will change the Daylight Saving start date to the second Sunday in March and the end date to the first sunday in November.

Newly installed NetWare 6.5 SP6 servers include the Daylight Saving changes for those time zones that are adopting the new dates.

Existing NetWare servers are unaffected by the application of Support Pack 6.

Novell plans to release a separate utility (DSTshift) prior to 2007 that you can use to automatically adjust the start and end dates on existing NetWare 4. x, 5. x, and 6. x servers. Alternatively, you can adjust the settings manually at the server console and by editing the autoexec.ncf file.

1.2.2 OES Support Pack Two

The following enhancements are included in OES SP2.

iFolder 3.1

  • iFolder Client: Now includes localized help.

  • Login Support: For common name or e-mail name has been added. The option chosen applies to all users.


  • iprintcmd (Linux client) Renamed to iprntcmd: Options for Linux and Windows are more similar so they can be used more efficiently in login scripts.

  • Low Security Client: Is now the default on the iPrint Printer List Web page.

NCP Server for Linux

  • DOS Archive Bit: Can now be set on non-NSS NCP volumes on Linux.

  • Inherit POSIX Permissions: Is now available on non-NSS NCP volumes on Linux.

  • Cross-Protocol Locking: Is now supported. For example, users can access files from Samba and an NCP client. Applications that support file sharing modes now work correctly.


  • Available Memory Monitoring: Novell Remote Manager lets you set lower thresholds than were previously supported.

Novell Cluster Services (Linux)

  • Choosing a Device for the SBD Partition: Is done from a list rather than requiring a manual entry.

  • iManager Cluster Option Names: Are changed to make cluster configuration and management easier.

  • Direct Cluster Upgrading from NetWare 6.0: Is now supported.

Novell Cluster Services (NetWare)

  • iManager Cluster Option Names: Are changed to make cluster configuration and management easier.

Novell Remote Manager (NRM) (Linux)

  • File System Support: Lets you view the free space on any mounted physical file system, create inventory reports, and perform actions on the files systems.

  • Network Discovery Page: Lets you scan a host and its ports to discover services.

Novell Remote Manager (NRM) (NetWare)

  • Health Monitoring: Has been enhanced to include Faulted Address Space Count monitoring and alerts, alert-specific headings in e-mail notifications, and improved Available Memory monitoring.

OES Linux Install

  • SLES 9 SP3: Is included

  • Red Carpet® Graphical User Interface (GUI): Is supported.

Storage Management Services (SMS)

  • Backup and Restore of Extended Attributes: Is supported in VFS systems.

  • UTF8-Based Trustee Migration: Is supported for the Server Consolidation and Migration Toolkit.

Virtual Office

The Virtual Office (VO) product and associated patches are not included with OES SP2. However, version 1.6.1 updates of the product for both OES Linux and OES NetWare are available on the Web

You can use these updates to either upgrade an existing VO installation or an OES server to version 1.6.1 or to perform a new installation of VO 1.6.1.

To obtain the update, see the Web page for each platform:

1.2.3 OES Support Pack One

The following enhancements are included in OES SP1 and later.

iFolder 2.1

  • Novell Cluster Services: Now fully supported.

iFolder 3.1

  • The iFolder 3.1 Product: Now included and integrated with the OES Linux installation. (Novell ® iFolder® 3 is not supported on the NetWare® platform.)


  • Default Printer: Now an option when installing an iPrint printer on Windows*.

  • Printer List Web Page: Can now be sorted.

  • Secure Printing from the Linux Client: Now available to both OES Linux and OES NetWare servers.

  • Windows Driver Profiles: Now supported on OES Linux servers.

Linux User Management (LUM)

  • iManager Interface: Lets you enable multiple users and groups for Linux and perform other management tasks more easily.

  • Enable Users for Linux: Lets you also enable an existing eDirectory™ group for Linux or create a new Linux-enabled group to which the users are assigned.

  • Enable Groups for Linux: Lets you enable the group and the users that already belong to it at the same time.

  • User Creation Process Flow: User creation, Linux-enabling of eDirectory users, and Samba-enabling of Linux users are now three separate processes in iManager. This is required because of the new management capabilities.

  • Associating the UNIX Config Object with a Linux-Enabled Group: No longer supported because multiple UNIX* Workstation objects can now be associated with Linux-enabled groups.


  • Autoclose Option: Added to MySQL* clients.

  • JDBC Connector and phpMyAdmin: New versions are added.

  • Version: Updated to 4.0.24.

Native File Access Protocols

  • SMB Signing: Support has been added to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks and provide secure communications between clients and servers.

NCP Server for Linux

  • Moving Files: Now supported between NCP™ volumes. For example, you can move a file from an NCP volume on NSS to an NCP volume on a native Linux file system. Trustee rights to files are maintained. However, file attributes unique to NSS, such as those associated with quotas and salvaging, are lost if the target volume is not NSS.

  • NSS File Attributes: Can now be set on NSS volumes from an NCP client.

  • Opportunistic Locking Levels 1 and 2: Now supported


  • Clear Console Command History: Now enabled through the F10 key. This also disables the command history.

  • F1 Help: Now available on the main server console screen.

  • Installation: No longer distinguishes OES from Support Packs. iManager 2.5, QuickFinder, and Virtual Office 1.5 are the only version choices available.

  • Module Load Time: Added to the information displayed by the modules console command. You can now see exactly when a given module was loaded. The same information is available in Novell Remote Manager, where you can sort the module list by load time to see which modules were loaded most recently.

  • Programming-Level Support: Added for fork() and exec() for use by several cross-platform modules, such as BASH and Perl.

  • Quick-Save Console Buffer: Can now be saved to a text file. See the F1 help screen at the NetWare console for details.

Novell Client for Linux

  • Novell Client for Linux: Now available and supports NCP access to OES NetWare and OES Linux (with the NCP server installed and running).

Novell Cluster Services (Linux)

  • Cluster Resource Templates: Added MySQL and iFolder 2.1 x.

  • Encrypted NSS Volumes: Supported.

  • High Availability Features: Include improved NIC channel bonding and SAN multipath IO.

  • Maximum Cluster Resource Script Lengh Limits: Eliminated.

  • Mirrored SBD Partitions: Supported.

  • Rolling Cluster Conversion: Expanded to include both NetWare 6.0 and NetWare 6.5 clusters.

  • STONITH Support: Added to let you shut down other nodes.

Novell Remote Manager (NRM)

  • Default Settings: Can now be restored for any given SET parameter by clicking a button in the interface.

  • Language Support on OES Linux: Modified so that the browser’s language is used rather than the server’s language.

  • Open File Control: The main page now includes a list of open files per volume, which links directly to the list of open files.

  • “Remembered” Collapsible Categories: Lets you display the Novell Remote Manager features you use most often and hide the others.

Novell Storage Services (NSS) on Linux

  • Encrypted Volumes: Can now be created.

  • Hardlinks: Now supported.

  • Metadata Migration Utility: Now available.

  • New Media Format: Supports enhanced hard link capability.

  • Performance Improvements: NSS performance is significantly improved. Samba access to an NSS volume is now faster than to traditional Linux volumes, such as EXT3 or Reiser when the number of directories and files is greater than 2,000.

  • Software RAID Support: Now included.

OES Install

The AutoYaST GUI now includes OES components in the Software > Package Selection page.

Server Consolidation and Migration Toolkit

The Server Consolidation Utility and the Migration Wizard have been combined into a single toolkit. You must now download and run the toolkit to access either the utility or the wizard.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9

  • SP2: Automatically installed with (and required by) OES Linux.

Virtual Office

  • Team File Size Management: Lets you restrict the maximum amount of space that any team can use. This can be set per team or globally.

  • Version 1.6: Now the only version included.