2.12 Setting Up Domain Name Service

The IP protocol identifies computers and systems by their assigned IP addresses, such as Domain Name Service (DNS) allows a specific server on the network to maintain a list of simple, readable names that match IP addresses. Applications (or protocols) that require IP addresses rather than names can use a DNS server to translate from one form to another.

HINT:If this server will not be available to the Internet, you can skip this screen and ignore any associated error messages.

  1. If you want this server to be available to the Internet, provide the following information on the Domain Name Service page:

    • Host Name —The simple, readable name on the DNS server that matches this NetWare 6.5 server's name (or the name that you have bound to the network board).

      You can set up the host computer name on the DNS server to use the NetWare server name.

      NOTE:If you bound two different IP addresses to two or more network boards in Section 2.10, Installing Networking Protocols, the Host Name field will not display on this screen. This is because you specified the hostname on the Specifying a Hostname for Each IP Address screen described in the previous step. The remainder of this screen remains the same.

    • Domain Name —The hierarchical name that represents the organization of your network, such as acme.com.

    • Domain Name Server —The IP address of the DNS server that maintains the list containing this server's simple, readable name and IP address. For more information, contact your network administrator or Internet service provider.

  2. (Optional) If you want the install to verify the domain name service information for you, check the Verify the DNS Information check box.

  3. Click Next.