2.14 Setting Up Novell eDirectory

Novell eDirectory provides global access to all networking resources. eDirectory allows users with the proper access rights to log in to the network and view and access network resources.

Network resources such as servers and printers are presented hierarchically in an eDirectory tree. Users log in to the eDirectory tree with a single login name and password instead of logging in to specific servers.

Before completing this task, you should understand the concepts relating to eDirectory trees, containers, and context.

To set up eDirectory, you must choose one of the following options:

  1. Click the radio button next to the eDirectory option you want.

  2. Click Next.

Continue with the section below that corresponds to your choice.

2.14.1 Installing the Server into an Existing eDirectory Tree

Installing your server into an existing eDirectory tree incorporates the server into your network.

The server can be installed in any Organization (O) or Organizational Unit (OU) container in the eDirectory tree where you have the Supervisor right. You can create containers during the installation program.

  1. Type the tree name in the field provided.

  2. Type the context for the server object in the field provided.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Type the full eDirectory context for the Admin object.

  5. Type the password for the Admin object.

  6. Click OK.

IMPORTANT:If this is the first NetWare server to be installed into an existing eDirectory tree, you are asked if you have run the Deployment Manager as described in Section 1.5, Prepare the Network with Deployment Manager.

If you have not run the Deployment Manager, you can run it on a workstation, return to the server console, and click Yes, or you can click No, cancel the installation, run Deployment Manager, then restart the installation. Deployment Manager is located at the root of the NetWare 6.5 SP6 CD 1 (Operating System) CD and is run from a Windows workstation.

If you have updated the eDirectory tree on all servers but have not yet prepared the network for NDS 8, you will be prompted to modify the schema. When prompted, you must provide the administrator name and password for the entire eDirectory tree.

2.14.2 Creating a New eDirectory Tree

Create a new tree if you are creating a new network or if this server requires a separate eDirectory tree. The resources available on the new tree will only be available to users logged in to the new tree.

  1. Type a tree name.

    Each eDirectory tree must have a name unique from other eDirectory trees on the network.

  2. Type the context for the Server object in the field provided or browse to the context by clicking the Browse button.

    If you click the Browse button, you can add or delete containers in your tree.

  3. Type the context for the default Admin user.

  4. Type a password for the Admin user.

  5. Retype the password for the Admin user.

  6. Click Next.

2.14.3 eDirectory Summary

The eDirectory Summary screen is now displayed. Now that you have created a new eDirectory tree or installed the server into an existing eDirectory tree, the NetWare Server object and Volume objects will be installed in the container you specified.

If you have created a new eDirectory tree, a user (default name Admin) with the Supervisor right to the eDirectory tree is created in the same eDirectory container as the NetWare Server object.

  1. Verify that the information on the eDirectory Summary screen is accurate.

  2. Record the Admin password and any other relevant information before proceeding.

  3. Click Next.