8.0 Removing OES Linux Components

You can remove OES component RPMs using YaST.

NOTE:YaST does not support deconfiguring products that create objects or attributes in eDirectory™. You need to use iManager to remove these objects and attributes. For procedures, see Delete Object in the Novell iManager 2.5 Administration Guide.

  1. Launch YaST.

  2. Click Software > Install and Remove Software.

  3. Search for the component you want to remove.

    You can use the Filter menu to select other views for locating the components you want to remove.

    To search for an item:

    1. In Filter drop-down list, select Search.

    2. In the Search field, type the name of the rpm, technology, or word that you want to search for.

    3. Click Search.

      A list of packages with the criteria you specified is displayed in the packages summary list.

  4. Right-click the component you want to remove, then click Delete.

    This marks the component for removal.

  5. Click Accept to remove the component.