6.6 Patching a Server From the OES Channel Using the Red Carpet Command Line (rug)

Novell has provided a OES channel using ZENworks Linux Management (ZLM) where you can get patches for updating an existing OES server. The following procedure specifies how to access the OES channel and update the server using rug commands in a Linux shell.

  1. If you are not already logged in as user root, log in to the server as user root.

  2. Make sure you have completed the following preparation procedures in Before You Patch the Server.

  3. Download and install all the patches in the OES channel by entering:

    rug pin --entire-channel oes

    Executing this command downloads all of the patches that need to be installed on the server.

  4. When the Do you agree to the above license? prompt appears, review the information displayed about the patches, then enter y to start the download.

    You can ignore the messages about Mozilla. The patch process resolves this issue.

    IMPORTANT:The patch download takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes when using a high-speed connection.

    The download and installation process is complete when you see the following message:

    Download complete 
    Transaction Finished
  5. To avoid unwanted memory consumption after using the Red Carpet client, enter the following command at the shell command line prompt: rug set max-allowed-memory 40

  6. Continue with Updating Installation Sources Using YaST.

For additional help with the rug commands, see following table.

Table 6-6 Additional Rug Commands



Activate a service.

rug act

Add a service.

rug sa

Delete a service.

rug sd

Get more information about a specific patch.

rug pi patch_name

Install all the necessary patches that an OES Linux server needs for an update.

rug pin --entire-channel oes

List all available patches for all channels.

rug pl

List all available patches for the OES channel.

rug pl oes

List all rug commands.

rug –– help

List all the channels that your activation lets you access.

rug ch

List all the configuration options.

rug get -d

List all the services activated.

rug sl

List available updates.

rug lu

Refresh the channel to make sure that all available patches are available for download.

rug refresh

Reinstall patches that are already marked “Installed,” or install individual patches.

rug pin channel_name:patch_number

For example: rug pin oes:patch-10535

Restart the rcd daemon.

restart rcd

Restart rug.

rug restart

Set a proxy URL.

rug set proxy-url url_path

Set a proxy user.

rug set proxy-username name

Set the password for proxy user.

rug set proxy-password password

Show detailed information about a package.

rug info

Subscribe to a channel.

rug sub

Unsubscribe from a channel.

rug unsub