6.10 Getting More Information about the Patch Process

Previous sections have specified the complete procedures for patching an OES Linux server. This section includes an additional list of Technical Information Documents (TID) written by Novell Technical ServicesSM personnel that might help you if you have some difficulties with the patching process.

NOTE:This list is not an exhaustive list of TIDs for patching.

Table 6-7 Tips from Technical Support about Patching an OES Linux Server

For More Information About

Refer To

Answers to frequently asked questions for patching OES Linux using rug (command line) or Red Carpet GUI.

TID 10097537 “Patching Open Enterprise Server with rug/Red Carpet FAQ

Commands for setting up a rug or Red Carpet GUI to use a proxy user

TID 10098376 “Set Up rug/Red Carpet to use a Proxy

Troubleshooting the OES patch process.

TID 10100002 “Troubleshooting the OES SP2 Patch Process