Lab Guide for OES NetWare

Most organizations test new products in a lab setting prior to making them available for general use.

This guide is designed to help you set up Novell® Open Enterprise Server (OES) in a lab environment using a specific and simplified configuration. The configuration is limited in scope and is meant only to acquaint you with OES and provide exposure to the Novell products it contains.

Guide Purposes

The instructions in this guide will help you do the following:

About Information Flow in This Guide

The sections in this guide are designed to be accessed sequentially, and they guide you through the following main tasks:

  1. Installing an OES NetWare server.

  2. Setting up the eDirectory infrastructure—user objects, group objects, passwords, etc.

  3. Reviewing the services featured in the guide and performing all additional setup tasks required for test driving and exploring the features.

  4. Test driving and exploring the features.

Using This Guide as a Reference

If you want to install additional OES servers or create a different tree structure than the one specified in this guide, you can still use these instructions as a basic guide for setting up OES services in a lab environment. However, you will probably also want to refer to the information found in the following guides:


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