5.0 Administering NetStorage

You can change your NetStorage configuration after NetStorage has been installed on a NetWare® server (known as the Middle Tier or XTier server) using Novell® iManager. NetStorage configuration information is stored in the NetWare registry and iManager provides an easy method for changing NetStorage registry entries. iManager requires Internet Explorer 5 or later.

If you are running in a clustered environment, any registry changes made to one node in the cluster must be made to the registry of each node in the cluster. After you have made a change to one node, run iManager on each node in the cluster and make the same changes. For more information about running NetStorage in a clustered environment, see the "Configuring NetStorage with Novell Cluster Services" in the Novell Cluster Services Resource Configuration Guide.

IMPORTANT:After changing any settings you must reboot your NetWare server or restart the Apache Web server. To restart the Apache Web server: At the server console, enter Ap2WebDn to stop the Web server and then enter Ap2WebUp to restart the Web server.