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OES 1 SP2 Documentation

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Novell Open Enterprise Server is a secure, highly available suite of services that provides proven networking, communication, collaboration and application services in an open, easy-to-deploy environment.

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Novell Client Access (NCP)

NCP on OES Linux platforms view size mm/dd/yyyy
Accessing an OES Linux Server L & W Clients html  
Graphical Overview - High Level L & N html  
Installing L html  
Managing L html  
Performance and Security L html  
Setting Up L html  
Understanding L html  
NCP on OES NetWare platforms view size mm/dd/yyyy
Graphical Overview - High Level L & N html  
NCP Packet Signatures, Using N html  
NCP Server is integral to OES NetWare N  
Troubleshooting N html  
Novell Client for Linux 1.0 & 1.1 platforms view size mm/dd/yyyy
See the Novell Client Doc Site Client  
Novell Client for Linux 1.2 platforms view size mm/dd/yyyy
Configuring Client html  
Installing Using the Installation Script Client html  
Installing Using YaST Client html  
Linux Commands Client html  
Starting or Restarting Client html  
System Requirements Client html  
Understanding Client html  
Uninstalling Client html  
Novell Client for Windows platforms view size mm/dd/yyyy
Installing on Multiple Workstations Client html  
Installing on a Single Workstation Client html  
Installing Service Packs Client html  
Preparing to Install Client html  
Setting Client Properties Client html  
Troubleshooting Client html  
Uninstalling Client html  

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