12.0 Managing NSS Pool Snapshots (NetWare)

In NetWare® 6.5, Novell Storage Services™ supports pool snapshots to improve backup and restore services. A pool snapshot is a metadata copy of a storage data pool that preserves a point-in-time view of a data pool. When you back up volumes in a pool from a pool snapshot, your backup can capture every file in the pool, even those that are in use at the time. You can create, manage, and delete a pool snapshot for any pool on your server.

A pool snapshot also supports file recovery. After you take a snapshot, you can activate it at a later time to access the original pool’s data as it existed at the time of the snapshot. Both the pool and its snapshots can be active and available concurrently. You access data on the active pool snapshot just as you would any other pool, even while data is changing on the original pool you snapped.

When pool snapshots are active, server performance can decrease slightly because the number of disk writes increases, depending on the volatility of your data and the number of pool snapshots that are active.

This section discusses the following: