7.7 Initializing a Disk (NetWare)

On the Devices Management page, the Initialize Disk option initializes the selected device and completely removes all the partitions it contains. All the data stored on the device is lost. If the device contains a partition of an NSS pool, a Traditional volume, or a software RAID device, the Initialize command also deletes data on all of the partitions of the entire pool, volume, or device, even if they reside on separate devices.

WARNING:Do not initialize the device that contains your sys: volume. Initializing the sys: volume destroys the operating system and all the data in it.

This option is disabled (dimmed) if the selected device contains any of the following:

It can also be disabled if there is no space available based on each partition’s size, or if you already have the maximum number of partitions allocated in a software RAID device.

To initialize a disk:

  1. In iManager, click Storage>Devices.

    For instructions, see Section 3.1.6, Accessing Roles and Tasks in iManager.

  2. Select a server to manage.

    For instructions, see Section 3.1.7, Selecting a Server to Manage.

    A list of devices appears in the Devices list.

  3. In the Devices list, select a device.

  4. Click Initialize Disk.