7.10 Shutting Down, Resetting, or Restarting the Server

Options for shutting down, resetting, or restarting your server are on the Down Server Options page.

Table 7-10 Tasks and Procedures for Shutting Down, Resetting, or Restarting the Server


Do This

Access the Down Servers Options page

Click the Down / Restart link in the navigation frame under the Manage Server heading.

Shut down, restart, or reset (warm boot) the server

Click the applicable action on the Down Servers Options page, then confirm your choice.

Using any of these options forces the server to shut down. A force down updates all cache buffers to disk, closes all files, updates the appropriate Directory Entry and File Allocation Tables, exits the server from the network, and dismounts all volumes.

WARNING:If files are open and changes have not been saved to the server, some data loss could occur.

Resetting the server shuts down the server and then warm boots the computer.

Make the server load automatically after a executing a reset command and allow access to the server from Novell Remote Manager

Enter a line to run server.exe in the DOS autoexec.bat file.

When the browser loses communication with Novell Remote Manager, the overall health status indicator will display white with a black X through it web browser lost communication with the server icon. When communication is re-established with the server, the normal health status again displays the server's status unless the accessibility options for manually refreshing the server are enabled.