7.6 Scheduling Tasks to Run at the Server

Rather than making a batch file to run specific console commands on the server at a certain time, you can use the links and the form on the Scheduled Tasks page to schedule console commands to run.

Figure 7-9 Example Scheduled Tasks Page

To access this page, click the Schedule Tasks link in the navigation frame under the Manage Server heading.

Scheduled task lists are stored in the NetWare registry, so they will be preserved when the server is rebooted.

After scheduling a command, you can view and change the scheduled task until you delete the schedule. Any console command is valid and you can enter commands that execute .ncf files, load NLM programs, send messages, etc.

The following table shows the actions you need to take to accomplish the desired task on the Scheduled Tasks page.

Table 7-7 Tasks and Procedures for Scheduling Tasks to Be Performed on the Server


Do This

Access the Scheduled Tasks page

Click the Schedule Task link in the navigation frame.

Schedule a console command

Complete the information in the form and click Submit.

See a list of console commands and the associated help

Click the Console Commands link.

Change an already scheduled console command

Select the command from the list of Currently Scheduled Console Commands or Inactive Scheduled Schedule Commands; change the schedule; make the command status active or inactive, then click Submit.

Delete a task

Select the task from the list of Currently Scheduled Console Commands, then click Delete.