13.2 Finding High Memory Users

High memory use problems are indicated on the Health Monitor page by a suspect or bad status for the Available Memory indicator.

To find high memory users:

  1. Under the Manage Applications heading in the Navigation frame, click the List Modules link.

    This displays the List Modules page, which shows a list of NLM programs running on the server.

  2. On the List Modules page, sort the list displayed by allocated memory usage by clicking the Alloc heading.

    The NLM program using the most memory is at the top of the list.

    To further track how that module is using memory, you can click the value link in the allocated memory column to display the Allocation Summary page for that NLM program.

    This page contains the Allocation Summary L!=P information, links to sort the memory allocation by Resource Tag or size, and a link to display the object cache information.