13.6 Seeing Who Is Using a File

When you receive a message that a file has been locked, you can find out who is using that file:

  1. Under the Manage Server heading, click the Volumes link.

    This displays the Volume Management page, which shows the volumes and local server partition information.

  2. On the Volume Management page, click the volume name link and browse to the file.

    This displays a list of all the subdirectories and files that are on that volume.

  3. When you have located the file, click the File information icon File information icon to the left of the filename.

    This displays the information page for this file, which shows the file lock information by connection. You can then send a message to the user or clear the connection for the user.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • To clear the connection, click the Connections link, locate the connection that has the file open, then click the Clear Connection link for that user.
    • To send a message to the user, click the username link in the File Lock Information by Connection table on the information page for the file, type a message in the Send Message field, then click Send.