5.4 Viewing and Managing Server Logs

Several logs are accessible from the Reports/Log Files page. Each of these logs is started automatically when you start your server.

The following table describes these logs and what you can use them for.

Table 5-9 Available Server Logs


Use to

Server Personal Log Book at sys:system/nrmusers.log

Enter and track changes made to the server or to log any other information you desire in order to track server performance or history.

System Error log file at sys:system/sys$log.err

View alert messages and other system operation information that is sent to the System Console and Logger screens.

Abend log file at sys:system/abend.log

View information about all abends that have occurred on the server.

Server Health log file at sys:system/health.log

View all changes in the health status of the server. Using this log combined with several of the health statistics and trend reports can be useful in diagnosing server problems.

The following table describes the steps necessary to perform the desired actions listed for any of these logs.

Table 5-10 Tasks and Procedures for Managing Server Logs


Do This

Clear a log and start recording new information in any of these logs

Click the Clear link next to the log that you want to restart.

Print or save any of these reports

View the report on the Reports/Log Files page, and then print or save the results using your browser's features.