8.3 Viewing System Resources

Resource tags are used to track things like allocated memory, screens, and packet receive buffers. When an NLM program wants to check out or allocate a resource from the system, it passes in a resource tag to the system and the resource tag is updated to show how much of the resource is in use. When the resource is returned to the system, the resource tag is again updated to reflect the change. When an NLM program is unloaded, the resource tags are also used to ensure that the NLM program returned all of the system resources that it was using.

To view the resource tags used by the system, access the System Resource page by clicking the System Resources link in the navigation frame.

On the System Resource page, you can do the following:

To view the details of a resource, click the resource name.

A list is displayed that is sorted by NLM and then by number in use. The items displayed are a short name for the NLM, the NLM description, the resource tag description, and the amount of the resource that is checked out to that resource tag.