5.1 Configuring Virtual Teams

The Team Configuration settings let you determine if users can create Virtual teams, the location of files for file sharing, and the SMTP address for e-mail notification.

  1. On the Virtual Office main page, click Environment > Team Configuration.

  2. Complete the following settings:



    Virtual Teams

    Lets you enable or disable the virtual teams feature. Select On to enable virtual teams. If you do not want to allow users to create and use virtual teams, select Off.

    Allow Access to Existing Teams

    Determines whether or not access to existing teams is allowed. Select On to allow access to existing teams, even if Enable Team Creation is set to Off.

    HINT:If you want to disable virtual teams, but some teams already exist, you can set Virtual Teams to Off and Allow Access to Existing Teams to On, then tell the members of those teams that they have a certain amount of time to retrieve and save their data. When that time has passed, set this option to Off to disable access to existing teams.

    Enable Team Creation

    Lets you enable virtual team creation. By default, all users can create teams. Selecting Off prevents everyone (including administrators) from creating teams. For example, you might want to use only the Virtual Office desktop without the team functionality. To grant or deny team creation rights to specific users, use the Manage Team Access setting.

    Manage Team Access

    Determines who has rights to set up virtual teams. This setting lets you grant team creation rights to specific users. Complete the following steps for each user:

    • 1. Click Edit next to the Manage Team Access field.
    • 2. Search for a user, then click Select.
    • 3. Click On or Off, then click Save.

    Team File Share

    When users have rights to create teams, they can share files with other team members. When configuring Virtual Office on a local server, specify the path that it uses to store information in the file system for example, myserv/sharepoint/teamsharefolder

    You must have Common Internet File System (CIFS) protocol enabled at the file location for this feature to work. For information about enabling CIFS on a NetWare server, see the Novell Native File Access Protocols Guide.

    If you do not have CIFS enabled at the default location (webapps\nps\web-inf\communitystore), click Team Configuration, then click Edit next to Team File Share and specify a path to a CIFS share.

    For example, myserv/sharepoint/teamsharefolder

    SMTP Address

    Address of the SMTP server. This is necessary for sending e-mail notifications.

    Chat Server IP Port

    Service port for applet-to-server communication.