5.4 Reinstall

Reinstall the Archive and Version Services using YaST.

  1. Stop the Archive server.

    rcnovell-ark stop

  2. Open YaST, go to Open EnterPrise Server>OES Install and Configuration screen.

  3. Novell Archive and Version Services is already selected in the Software Selection page. Click Accept.

  4. On the Novell Open Enterprise Server Configuration screen, under Arkmanager, select the disabled option. To change the database credentials complete the following steps:

    1. Click ArkManager, you are prompted for admin password.

    2. On the Archive Versioning Server Configuration screen, change the database credentials and click Next.

  5. Click Finish. The Archive server is configured with new database credentials.

  6. Start the Archive server

    rcnovell-ark start

    The Archive server runs with new credentials.