Novell Open Enterprise Server 11

download and installation instructions

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what to download

To install an OES 11 server, you need the following two files.

Files to Download



Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 64-bit CD 1


SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP1 64-bit DVD 1

Important: The following file is only for automated upgrades from 64-bit OES 2 SP2 or SP3 to OES 11.

File to Download



Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 64-bit Automated Upgrade CD 1

downloading the OES installation software

  1. On the Novell Open Enterprise Server Downloads page, click the Download button next to the files that you need, as listed in What to Download.

  2. After downloading the first two image files, you can burn them to a CD or a DVD as applicable. Then label the disks as indicated in What to Download.

  3. Use the OES11_Automated_Upgrade.iso file only for an automated upgrade from 64-bit OES 2 SP2 or OES 2 SP3 to OES 11. For more information, see "Using AutoYaST for an OES 11 Upgrade" in the OES 11 Installation Guide.

verifying the integrity of the downloaded files

To ensure a successful installation, you must compare each downloaded file's MD5 value with the value listed on the OES Downloads page.


Novell provides only PDF documentation for all except the current OES release. The OES 11 documentation is at and the previous release, OES 2 SP3, documentation is at