2.6 What’s New or Changed in Novell CIFS (OES 11 SP1)

Novell CIFS in OES 11 SP1 has been modified to run on 64-bit SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11 SP2. In addition to bug fixes, OES 11 SP1 provides the following enhancements and changes for CIFS:

Ability to View Trustees/IRM Assigned to Files and Folders

Novell CIFS will now be able to display the list of trustees associated with the specified file or folder as per the CIFS cache record, import the trustee information from the trustee_database.xml file associated with the specified volume into the CIFS cache, and display the count of new, modified, and removed trustees for the specified volume. For more information, see Viewing the Trustees Associated with a File or Folder,Synchronizing the Trustee List for a Volume, and Viewing Statistics of Trustees for a Volume in the OES 11 SP1: Novell CIFS for Linux Administration Guide.