1.2 Benefits of NCP Server

Using NCP and Novell Client software together exceeds the level of security and utility found in Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, or Linux networking. NCP and Novell Client software offer great benefits in ways that appeal to users and to managers.

If you look at the list of file attributes provided by NCP and NSS and then compare those to the file attributes in Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, or Linux networks, you find that NCP and NSS provide much more control over files.

Some of the benefits provided by NCP Server on Linux include:

  • Users can log in to the Linux network from the Novell Client workstation just like they do with NetWare. This means that for users familiar with a NetWare environment, there is no need to reeducate or retrain. There is also no need to reconfigure Novell Client workstations to access your Linux network.

  • Users and administrators can map drives to volumes and directories on Linux servers just like they do on NetWare.

  • NetWare-style login scripts can be created for users to automate drive mappings and other network functions.

  • The file and directory attributes and rights that exist on NetWare are now available and configurable on Linux.

  • Volume limits for individual users can be set and administered on Linux.

  • Directory limits can be administered in the same way for all users.

  • The Novell Client provides the same functions to users of OES 11 SP3 servers as it does for users of NetWare servers.