8.10 LUM Must Have SSHD Access Enabled

If you want to access local files or files on another server in the same eDirectory tree by using the SSH file access method, you must select the SSHD check box checked during the OES installation. The check box is in the Linux User Management configuration section of the OES installation.

The check box is not selected by default. If you leave the SSHD check box deselected during the OES installation, users cannot login through SSH and will not be able to access files using that method unless you use YaST to enable SSHD after the installation.

If you encounter an error similar to the following example, the problem might be caused by not having SSHD enabled.

NetStorage encountered an error while trying to access this location.
Severity: Error
Facility: SSH WebDAV Handler
Message: Access Denied: Caller does not have required access rights for operation
Code: OxC7A10006