16.2 eDirectory User Password Screen Does Not Show Up During an Upgrade

When you upgrade an OES 2 server to OES 11 SP3, the eDirectory pattern will not be selected as part of the product listing and the eDirectory user password screen will not show up.

To resolve this issue follow any of these methods:

  1. Before starting an upgrade, ensure to install the following packages in the OES 2 server:

    • nici64

    • novell-dclient-32bit

    • novell-nmas-libspmclnt-32bit

    • novell-NDSbase-32bit

    • novell-edirectory-tsands-32bit

  2. During an upgrade, in the Installation Settings Screen, search and select the packages listed above and then proceed with the upgrade.

  3. If you are upgrading using AutoYaST, ensure to add the packages listed above as part of the autoup.xml file. Add them to the <software> section and then proceed with the upgrade.

          <packages config:type="list">