B.14 novell-quickfinder

Attribute Name



Set this to 'yes' if the admin user is LUM-enabled. If LUM-enabled, then the user should be an eDirectory user, else it will be a local user on the server.

Example: <lum_enable>yes</lum_enable>


Specify the QuickFinder user name context.

Example: <qf_user_name>cn=admin,o=acme</qf_user_name>


Specify the QuickFinder user password.

Example: <qf_user_password>SAM23#$</qf_user_password>


Set this to 'yes' if you want to enabled shadow access. QuickFinder uses the Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) to authenticate users. Because QuickFinder is run as a servlet under Tomcat, it has the same rights to the system as the Tomcat user (wwwrun). In order for QuickFinder to authenticate, the wwwrun user must be added to the shadow group which gives it read rights to the shadow file. If you do not want the wwwrun user added to the shadow group, then authentication to QuickFinder Manager and rights-based searches will be turned off.

Example: <shadow_access>yes</shadow_access>