B.15 novell-samba

NOTE:Novell Samba must not be installed on the same server as Novell CIFS.

Attribute Name



Specify the IP address (in IPv4 format) of the LDAP server in the tree that you want Novell Samba to use for LDAP (eDirectory) communications. 



Specify the NetBIOS name to use for the virtual Samba server. Use the hostname and append "-W" to it. The total length of the NetBIOS name can be up to 15 characters (this is a NetBIOS restriction). This means the hostname of the server should be limited to 13 characters. If you specify a longer hostname, it is truncated from the left to create the NetBIOS name. As a result, iManager won't be able to find the associated server and group objects.

Example: <netbios_name>avalon-W</netbios_name>

proxy_user_context proxy_user_is_new proxy_user_password

Specify the credentials of an eDirectory user that has rights to search the tree for Samba users.  Specify the Fully Distinguished name of the Samba Proxy User in comma-delimited typeful format. (Typeful format means that the FDN uses the abbreviations of the LDAP object types (such as cn=, ou=, o=, dc= and so on).) Each of the intermediate containers must already exist. The proxy user name must be unique in that path. If the user identity does not yet exist, specify that it is new by specifying "Yes" as the value for the <proxy_user_is_new> tag.

  • If you specify a new user that does not already exist in eDirectory, the user is created, LUM-enabled, and assigned the necessary rights and the password you specify here.

  • If you specify an existing eDirectory user, it is assumed that you have already LUM-enabled the user and assigned the user the necessary rights, and no modification is made to the user. Specify the user's password.

Example (new user):

  • <proxy_user_context>cn=acme-208-sambaProxy,cn=Users,dc=labs,dc=wdc,dc=acme,dc=com</proxy_user_context>

  • <proxy_user_is_new>yes</proxy_user_is_new>

  • <proxy_user_password>SAM23#$</proxy_user_password>


Specify the Base Context of the Samba users who are accessing data on this server via Samba/CIFS. Specify the context in dot-delimited typeful format. This Base Context is usually set to the eDirectory container where the tree admin user is created. Typically, this is the Organization (O) container, and users are created in Organizational Unit (OU) containers beneath the O container. If your Samba users are (or will be) located in the same container as admin or in a subcontainer of that container, you should specify the o= container. Otherwise, specify a container in your tree that is at the same level or above the container where the Samba users will be created.

Example: <user_context>cn=Users.dc=labs.dc=wdc.dc=acme.dc=com</user_context>