7.5 Verifying That Your Repository Subscriptions Are Up-to-Date

When an OES 11 SP3 server is updated properly, the update repository list is refreshed to include Updates entries for your OES 11 and SLES 11 versions.

To verify that you have updates from both update repositories:

  1. At a terminal prompt on the server you have updated, enter the following command:

    zypper lr

    The list of repositories should include update repositories for your SLES 11 and OES 11 versions. For example, after updating an OES 11 server, the repositories listing should include both SLES11-SP4-Updates and OES11-SP3-Updates as subscribed update repositories.

  2. After the repository list contains the correct entries, update your server by repeating the pertinent instructions in Section 7.4, Updating the Server.