C.0 Documentation Updates

This section summarizes the changes made to this guide since the initial release of Novell Open Enterprise Server 11.

July 2016 (OES 11 SP3)

Includes document updates to new features as mentioned in Section 1.1, What’s New (OES 11 SP3).

January 2016 (OES 11 SP2)

Major browser vendors are taking steps to phase out SHA-1 signed certificates. OES certificates signed with SHA-1 should be replaced with certificate signed with SHA-2 to avoid warning messages to be displayed in browsers. This patch (eDirectory 8.8 SP8 Patch 6 Hot Patch 1) contains bug fixes that enables the servers to easily switch to SHA-2 signed certificates. For more information, see Section 12.1, Configuring SHA-2 Certificate.

December 2014 (OES 11 SP2)

A troubleshooting section on resolving the POODLE security vulnerability has been added for the December 2014 OES patches. For more information, see Section 16.10, The POODLE Security Vulnerability under Section 16.0, Troubleshooting.

August 2014 (OES 11 SP2)

A new section Section 7.11, Restarting the OES Instance of Tomcat After Applying a Tomcat Update has been added under Section 7.0, Updating (Patching) an OES 11 SP3 Server.

June 2014 (OES 11 SP2)

A new troubleshooting section has been added (Section 16.9, OES Installation Fails Due to Encrypted OES Media URL in the autoinst.xml File).

January 2014 (OES 11 SP2)

Chapter or Section Changed

Summary of Changes

Initial OES 11 SP2 Release