16.3 Managing Open Files

You can use the file listing options to view the following information:

  • All open files for a particular NSS volume

  • All open files by a connection

  • All users who have open file handles for a particular file

You can use the file closing options to close the following:

  • All open files for a particular NSS volume

  • All open files by a particular connection

  • All open file handles associated with a particular file

If the user tries to perform any operation on an open file that was closed by using the management tool, the changes might appear the next time the file is opened, depending on the application. However, the data that was saved before the file is closed will be intact.

WARNING:Administrative closure is not the recommended way to close files. It is provided as a tool to administrators to force close files.

  1. Log in to Novell Remote Manager as the root user.

  2. Click Manage AFP Services > Manage Open Files to display the AFP Open File Management page.

  3. You can perform the following tasks for open files on an AFP server:

    • Status of Open Files: The List of Open Files table displays the connection number, name of the user accessing the file, and path of the file. The files are listed for the selected NSS volume. You can also set a filter for displaying the specific file type for that volume.

    • Close Files: Select the files you want to close, then click Close. This closes the file immediately and allows no other file operations to be performed. Ensure that you inform the user before closing the file, to allow the user time to save the file; otherwise, the user might lose unsaved data for the file.