10.3 Shutting Down and Restarting the Host

Clicking the Down/Restart link in the navigation frame displays the Down/Reset Options page. You can use these options to shut down or reset the host.

The following table describes the specific actions of each option.

Table 10-3 Down/Reset Options Page Options and Actions




Forces the host to shut down immediately.


Forces the host to shut down immediately, then warm boots the computer.

Using either of the options additionally forces the host to perform the following actions:

  • Update the cache buffers to disks

  • Close all open files

    WARNING:If files are open and changes have not been saved to the host, some data loss might occur. Users might need to save changes locally until the host is started again.

    If the application that is being used to access the file creates a temporary file and locks the file, you might also need to search for and remove the temporary file.

    For example, Microsoft Word creates a system file that begins with ~$, such as ~$myfile8.doc. OpenOffice and LibreOffice create a hidden file that begins with .~lock, such as .~lock.myfile10.odt. You can view the temporary files by selecting Manage Shares, then navigating the NCP volume or NSS volume to the folder where the open file is stored.

  • Update the appropriate file system tables

  • Exit the host from the network

  • Unmount all file systems