6.7 Accessing Novell Web Pages

Novell Links on the Home (File System Management) page provide quick access to the following:

  • Novell Support links directly to the Novell Support website, where you can get current server patch kits and updates or find troubleshooting information.

    You can also access Novell Support by clicking the Novell big red N icon Icon for online help on the right side of the header frame.

  • Novell Error Codes links directly to the information about Novell Error Codes, including what they mean and possible causes and actions for them.

  • Novell Product Documentation links directly to the product documentation for all shipping Novell products.

  • Novell Developer Support links directly to the Novell Developer website, where you can find tips and suggestions beyond the basics for managing, troubleshooting, and diagnosing your server.