8.9 Modifying the Nagios Notification Methods for Contacts

The Nagios notifications system is configured by default to send email notifications to the Nagios contact nagiosadmin. You must set the email address to use for nagiosadmin in the Nagios Object Contact configuration file on the Novell Remote Manager Configuration Options page (or in the /etc/nagios/objects/contacts.cfg file). You must restart Nagios to apply the changes. For more information, see Setting or Modifying an Email Address for the nagiosadmin Contact.

If you define other Nagios contacts, you must specify at least one notification method for the contact. In addition to email, Nagios can send notifications via pager, cell phone, instant message, audio alert, and so on. How notifications are sent depends on the notification commands that are defined in your object definition files.

Each host and service definition has a contact_groups option that specifies which contact groups receive notifications for that particular host or service. Contact groups can contain one or more individual contacts. Each member contact receives alert notifications according the method configured in its contact definition.

To configure the notification methods to use for Nagios contacts:

  1. Log in to Novell Remote Manager as the Linux root user.

  2. Go the Novell Remote Manager Configuration Options page.

  3. Under Nagios Configuration Options, click Edit Nagios Object Contact configuration.

  4. In each contact definition, use the email parameter to specify a valid email address where you want to receive alert notifications that are sent to them. For example, bob@example.com.

    You can use other notification parameters in a contact definition to specify alternative notification methods for the contact.

  5. Under the editing window, click Save Changes.

  6. Under Nagios Configuration Options, click Restart Nagios to apply the changes.