4.2 Preparing the Source Server for Migration

  1. Shut down any applications, products, or services (virus scan software, backup software, etc.) running on the server to be migrated.

  2. Verify the health of eDirectory by loading DSRepair with the following three options:

    • Unattended Full Repair

    • Time Synchronization

    • Report Synchronization Status

    If errors are reported, resolve them before attempting the migration.

  3. (Recommended) Back up eDirectory data and trustees on the source server, even though the source data is not modified during migration.

    For information on creating a backup of eDirectory, see Backing Up and Restoring NetIQ eDirectory in the NetIQ eDirectory 8.8 SP8 Administration Guide.

  4. Remove any unnecessary applications, then delete and purge unused files and folders.

  5. Ensure that all the latest patches are installed.