10.5 Configure the Services and Run Migration

  1. In the Services to Migrate panel, click Add and select the services to migrate to target server.

    The Status of the services is Not Configured.

  2. To configure a service for migration, click Configure.

    After successful configuration, the Status of the service changes to Ready.

    NOTE:Before you proceed with the migration, ensure that you have met all the prerequisites and configured the migration options for all the services that are to be migrated to the target server.

    For a list of service migration chapters and their corresponding documentation, see Section VII, Service Migration.

  3. Click Migrate to proceed with the migration.

    The Status pane displays service-specific migration progress. On completion of the migration, the Status of a service changes to Migrated.

    If you encounter any errors during the migration, click View Logs in the left pane. After resolving the errors, execute the migration procedure again.

    In the Status pane > Service Information, you can view the progress of the overall migration. The message Migration completed for all Services is displayed when the migration is complete.

  4. (Optional) We recommend that you to complete the synchronization of the services before proceeding with Transfer ID.

  5. (Optional) Back up the eDirectory database and NICI keys. For more information, see Section 11.1, Back up eDirectory Database and NICI Keys.

  6. Check the status of the migration. If migration is successful, then perform Transfer ID either by using GUI or CLI.