6.4 Target Server Authentication Fails or Unable to Browse the eDirectory Tree in the Migration GUI

Description: If you execute the Migration GUI on a new OES 11 SP3 server, the target server authentication fails, the Services panel is unable to display eDirectory objects when browsing the tree, or LDAP secure bind fails and displays an empty eDirectory tree.

The Migration Tool creates a private Java certificate store with a first-time authentication to the target server. This store is used by Java Security Provider for all the SSL communications. When you launch the Migration Tool for the first time, the keystore does not exist and the LDAP bind fails during authentication or when performing an eDirectory search.


  1. Save the migration project.

  2. Close the Migration Tool GUI.

  3. Start the Migration Tool GUI.

  4. Start the migration project saved in Step 1.

  5. Configure the service.

    eDirectory objects are now available in the service GUI.