3.2 What’s New (OES11 SP1)

The Migration Tool in OES 11 SP1 has been modified to run on 64-bit SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11 SP2. In addition to bug fixes, Migration Tool provides the following enhancements and behavior changes:

Linux to Linux Service Migration

You can now migrate services from OES 2 SP2, OES 2 SP3, OES 11 and OES 11 SP1 source servers to OES 11 SP1 target server using service-specific migration scripts. For information, see Service Migration in the OES 11 SP1: Migration Tool Administration Guide.

Enhanced Sync Performance

Data synchronization feature of the Migration Tool is enhanced. You must upgrade the source server with the latest patches before performing migration.

Copy Trustees Only At The Directory Level

Synchronizes trustees only at the directory level. Trustees at file level are not synchronized.

Do Not Copy Trustees

Trustees on the source server are not synchronized to the target server, only data is synchronized.